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No Todo Es Miscelánea

A|V Composition for 3D audio and lights 
Length: 20 mins

No Todo Es Miscelánea was composed during the residency program for research, experimentation and musical creation called “Estancias de Composición” (ECo) at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes (TNC) of Buenos Aires. For ten weeks, each resident focuses on the creation of a piece for the 3D surround sound system of the theater. Each composition is then premiered during a unique concert at the TNC. No Todo Es Miscelánea was made with analogue synthesizers controlled by computer programming in SuperCollider and mixed in first-order Ambisonics 3D. A visual device composed of strips of LED pixels completed the work. For the installation and design of the visual device, I collaborated with Agustín Colli and Giselle Huascarriaga.