Rhizomatic Network

In collaboration with Moana Ava Holenstein A|V Composition for Full DomeLength: 7 mins

Rhizomatic Network is rooted in the synergetic interplay of two self-regulating feedback systems—one auditory, the other visual—both deterministic yet unpredictable in their unfolding. Eschewing random elements, the piece delves into the emergent complexity arising from simple components engaging in dynamic reciprocity. The auditory framework consists of dual contact microphones and transducers affixed to a plate, interwoven via digital processing. These microphones harvest soundwaves that, once digitally refined, resonate through the transducers. In tandem, a camera chronicles the luminescence of twin LED panels, which in turn reflect the camera's visual harvest. The auditory dimension actively modulates the visual parameters, orchestrating an ongoing dialogue between the senses. 'Rhizomatic Network' has been conceived for presentation at the ZEISS Planetarium, as a segment of 'Portale'—a collaboration with the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at UdK and the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut.